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Re: Payments

PostPosted: Wed May 11, 2011 1:37 pm
by CrankyApeWI
Grizwalds wrote:
thecrow32 wrote:I have read the initial post as well as the FAQ. My bank will not wire funds for a loan. My only option is a check issued by them that has to be signed by myself and the "dealer". Are there allowances for this type of payment?

In my opinion, that would be pretty scary to do it that way. Banks do not care if you are under some sort of deadline. More than likely, they would want an inspection, verification of VIN etc., If they delay just a day or two, you could be subject to the "Apes" 5% per day fee. Could be even worse if you are buying a high dollar RV. Just my 2 cents. Auctions are pretty much cash only. You had better be able to fork over the money as soon as you win the bid. If you are counting on a bank to fund quickly, you might be very disappointed and out quite a bit of money. Banks just don't care.

We have our rules that need to be followed and as most company we dont like to deviate but in the case of the bank wire transfer not coming through fast enough a quick call or verification from the bank that everything is in process will do wonders.