Very poor vehicle descriptions on RV's

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Very poor vehicle descriptions on RV's

Postby scaurex » Sun Feb 17, 2013 4:50 am

I'm not sure anyone even reads this forum anymore, but here goes:

What has happened to the RV descriptions in the last month or so? It used to be that bidders could trust the description, now that doesn't seem to be the case. Unit 37237, Jayco Greyhawk motorhome, picture 7 shows the back of the motorhome in shadow and there is no mention of fiberglass water damage/delamination. Seeing the motorhome in person shows the back of the motorhome with water damage and delam. Expensive repair needed. In my opinion: ***APPARENTLY NO ONE IS RESPONSIBLE FOR THIS OVERSIGHT, BUYER BEWARE***

Also no mention that the fiberglass has yellowed dramatically. Low light cranky ape photos don't reveal this information.

This is what you put in the description at the end "Please view all pictures for additional information. Feel free to inspect this RV in person at our Kingman, AZ facility" Basically what you are implying is that the pictures will tell the story not explained properly in the description and you (bidder) should come and look at it in person before to catch the damage/repairs that the Crankyape staff member didn't disclose. If you don't live in the vicinity of Crankyape and are a long distance buyer relying on the description/pictures to cherry pick a nice unit, it appears there is a good chance you are going to be disappointed when you pick the unit up.

Cranky ape buyer premiums have increased 40%+ on some units and over 100% on $15000, unit descriptions now seem vague and pretty much scream "buyer beware". Increased price and lower volume should mean better service.
Lately there have been a lot of misinformation in the RV descriptions about engine size, transmission, tires, general condition, body damage, smoke and pet smells....come on people, get with it.

ie: unit 38803, cranky ape writes; "1999 Monaco Signature-Series 450. RV is built on a Roadmaster chassis and powered by an 8.3L Cummins ISC diesel and Allison transmission." Wrong, according to the Monaco Brochure, this RV has an 11.0L Cummins M11 engine.

Unit 39289, Cranky ape writes; "2000 Monaco Executive 42.5'SLD. Coach is powered by a 500 horse 8.3L ISC Cummins diesel..." More mis-information, according to the Monaco brochure, this RV really has an 11.0L Cummins ISM engine.

I would encourage CA to get someone who is familiar with RV's/motorsports to write the descriptions and to disclose everything, good and bad about each unit.

Cranky ape description of Jayco, pics have been deleted; ... &submit=Go!

Look at the pics in the link below and see if they match the description that CA wrote about it. Note the yellowing and delam:
Pictures from the Dealer who bought the unit:
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Re: Very poor vehicle descriptions on RV's

Postby TRLRKING » Thu Jan 09, 2014 11:55 am

I can relate. I had the same issues when bought a 40' Diesel Pusher out of the Kissimmee, Florida. I was on the phone multiple times asking about rust and corrosion, was told there was no rust, it's immaculate shape. WRONG......Absolute Lie, you couldn't possibly miss and oversee that. I noticed rust in a picture on the generator and when I asked him over the phone. I asked to verify rust issues and he said there is no rust issues........Lots of badly rusted structure that still needs to be repaired to this day. The real biggy was how they failed to mention it was a "Cat-House". Clumps of cat hair all over the place (still cleaning that crap). Cat shit behind and under the furniture. Cat clawed vinyl on the front dash at the entry door. I am allergic to the cat hair which doesn't help matters.
Also the outside fridge that was advertised was now "Missing" when I go to pick it up. You can see the feet marks where it was bolted down to the slider..........but gone.
Then the 6% Florida tax that was not seen until I had to pay for it. There was another $3,000.00 out of my pocket expense.
I should have demanded all my money back and flew back home.
Usually there is lots of pic's including showing any damages, mention of odors, smoking, pets, etc.
Live and Learn.....
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Re: Very poor vehicle descriptions on RV's

Postby CrankyApeWI » Fri Jan 24, 2014 9:06 pm

Our goal is to have all customers 100% Satisfied . We strive to document all units with photos or by description to the best of our ability within the limitations of our customer and or time frame agreement. On occasion things can be missed but you as a customer have the right to request additional photos and or information on a unit prior to bidding. We also provide resources that can inspect the unit on your behalf (3rd party) in the event an in person inspection isn’t possible. We make a good faith effort to describe every unit as accurately as we can but also realize that each persons expectations are unique. If you feel that one of the locations has not helped you correctly and has improperly given you information on a bid item, you should contact our Corporate Office in Lake Elmo MN immediately and file a complaint with our customer service and we will look into the exchange.
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